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Manual & Semi-Automated Trading

In Jonathon's Exclusive Trading Course, you will be Personally taught, Precise, Money Making Online/Electronic Trading Strategies/Methods for Futures, Commodities, Foreign Currencies, Index's, Stocks an Options. The Strategies/Methods are Designed to be Traded 2 Ways.

1. Manual Online Trading - Where you Manage each Trade until completion. Manual Online Trading is a popular an great way to trade as long as you only trade Proven Money Making Trading Strategies/Methods.

2. Semi-Automated Trading - Example: Place your Precise Buy or Sell order, Precise stop and Precise profit price all at The Same Time. Many of the Trading Strategies/Methods Taught can be converted into Semi-Automated Trading Systems. Semi-Automated Trading takes out the emotions, greed, nervousness and fear of trading, which some traders have.

Semi-Automated Trading Systems VS. Fully Automated Trading Systems

Semi-Automated Trading -
No Programming and Software is Needed.
Is Trading Platform Friendly.

Fully Automated Trading Systems -
Programming and Software is Needed and is 100% Automated.

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